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In His grace, the Lord has blessed us with wonderful things in this special and the major part of ourPreachers’ Help Ministries. Compared with last year, we now have a clearer vision, and a definite aim toreach and train at least 1000 clients from all parts of the Indian sub-continent, and to train and equipnot less than 10,000 clients before the end of 2010.

Our Ministry was inaugurated by the UK Preachers’ Help director on his first visit in 1999, when it madea good start by enrolling 23 clients. Due to the efforts of our Preachers’ Help Translation Committee,and the kind encouragement of the PH International Committee of the Free Evangelical Church, the Basic Course was quickly translated into the Telugu language and was dedicated to the glory of God ont hat visit.

Preachers’ Help courses are now being sent all over India, as we have been giving them wider publiclythrough brochures, tracts, advertisements in Christian magazines, direct introduction from the pulpits in various meetings, and contact with the Churches in every important city or village in Andhra Pradesh. As a result, we have been receiving many letters of received from our clients are very encouraging to us, and many a time our hearts have been filled with tears of joy and gratitude for what God has been doing in the lives of many through our Courses. Many lives have been changed, ministries transformed, and souls reached with a greater challenge for Christ Jesus, through them. Our International Director has prepared many new methods for the successful propagation of the gospel that can be learned and understood from the courses. Our clients in India are given many facilities for their spiritual edification and enlightenment:

1. Free Literature: Our clients receive the courses free of charge, as the financial need is met by the
sacrificial giving of our international and national members.

2. Free literature: Some of our needy clients are provided with needed literature and extra notes, thus
clearing up some of their important doubts and problems.

3. A Reading Room: A small room has been established at our National Administrative Building, in order
to allow local, and even some distant, clients to come and study suitable books at a convenient time.
The books are only for personal study, and are not lent out.

4. Audio and video facilities: This is to provide more directly the teaching of our Director on different
subjects, and deepen the knowledge of our client.

Our PH courses are now spreading all over India very rapidly, and the number of our clients increases every day. At present, we are working in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and some Indian Islands,with more than 700 clients [now over 1500] studying in either Telugu or English. In Telugu, we provide the Basic Course, as well as the Introductory Course on Gospel Preaching. The first Module of the course on Romans has just been translated into Telugu. It has been calculated that we have only spent about 1 Lakh in rupees (just over E1 500) for the translation of PH courses, printing and postage. Really, this is a work of the Lord, who has blessed us with many more witnesses in our ministry. We are thankful also for inspiring Bro. M. S. Vasanthakumar of Sri Lanka to offer his valuable services in translating some of the materials into Tamil. I believe that this will be great encouragement to all our Tamil friends in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere, whereas they have to take the courses in English. It is our desire also to translate our material into Hindi soon, which is the national language of India.


The training of pastors and preachers is an integral part of the total ministries of Preachers’ Help in India. All our clients are provided with required Contact Programmes, Training Camps, and Follow-up Seminars. The year 1999 was a significant year in the history of Preachers’ Help in India. For the first time, we conducted a PREACHERS’ HELP BIBLE TRAINING CAMP, where we gave direct training to more than 200 Preachers in the Letter to the Romans. In 2000, we conducted follow-up meetings in several parts of Andhra Pradesh, by means of which many clients were encouraged. In 2001, we are planning to organise training camps and seminars in many parts of India.


In his grace, the Lord has blessed us with 14 co-ministers, who work alongside us to evangelise the unreached interior rural and tribal regions. Some of them work in very remote areas, where the people do not have any medical or school facilities. They often have to walk about 10 – 25 kilometres through zigzag jungle trails to reach these villages. Despite many trials and persecutions, churches are being established, and an increasing number of souls are being saved through our ministry. We have received many letters and requests from our clients to accept them as our co-ministers. Many of them are just asking for fellowship and affiliation, not for any financial help, but for their spiritual encouragement and edification. Please join with us in praying that the Lord will help us to provide some monthly support for some of our co-ministers who are working very hard in the mission fields despite many troubles and tribulations. Some churches need their own buildings, often meetings in small huts, temporary tents, thatched over with palms and leaves. So do continue to pray for the pastors of our fellow-churches, as many are in need of regular monthly support to meet immediate family needs.
Through our Churches, we minister to children and youth groups. Now and then, we organise Children Camps, Youth Retreats etc., leading to their salvation, and deepening their spiritual lives. We have also conducted evening Schools for the children, and some social services for them, occasionally providing them with support and educational helps through books, scholarships, and clothes, and food distribution programmes. And, for the youth of our Tuni community, we have been organising some constructive programmes like literary projects, Youth Fellowships, a Saturday Bible Institute, etc., by which we hope that we will be able to prepare our youth for a better future.


All the Tuni people witnessed the goodness of our Lord, and the love of his children towards suffering people, through the establishment of the Geoffrey Water Supply Centre, which was established in the heart of Tuni. In summer seasons, it is a very common sight to see people starving for a drink of water, and they will walk for more than 15 kilometres to bring a pot of drinking water back to meet the needs of their family. And we heard many reports of people who were thirsting for pure drinking water, and of the troubles they were facing in the summer heat. We heard also that several had died of severe thirst.
To meet this live-saving need, many non-Christian organisations helped to organise Water Supply Centres. With water from our PH well, we set up our own in some of the busiest places of our city. While some had provided drinking water at a cost, we provided it free. At the two Water Supply Centres we established, we witnessed to the love of Christ to every one, placing many gospel tracts in the Centres, and a preacher who served the water to the thirsty. Many came to know about the grace of Christ, and marvelled at our consideration for this important need of the people. If is estimated that more than 300 people came to drink the water, who also received the Christian message through personal witnessing or tract distribution.


Prayer is the backbone of our Preachers’ Help ministry. We have received many blessings from our Lord as we have depended entirely upon him in prayer for our needs. With this in mind, we started a Prayer Centre when the Director came in December 1999.. Since then, we have seen raised up a group of Prayer Warriors, praying under the leadership of Sister Esther Rani. The Warriors pray for every need, prayer request, or existing problem, and the nations of the world also. They intercede before the Lord, day and night, in personal shifts of two hours, for everyone, and especially for the Preachers HeIp ministries.
We firmly believe that it is because of the power of prayer that the Lord has been blessing our ministry, despite our many problems and needs. From the Prayer Centre, we send out consoling and encouraging letters to everyone who writes for our prayer help. ReaIIy, we praise God for this ministry because we have been seeing the work of God in our lives and ministry. Besides this Prayer Centre, we have periods of continuous fasting and prayer by those who dedicate themselves to prayer, monthly or weekly. And now and again, we conduct Garden Prayer Fellowships for aIl believers in our local churches to gather together in prayer and worship to come before the throne of God, and to enjoy the presence of our Lord.


Our Joy Centre was inaugurated and dedicated to the upliftment of the poorest sisters of our church and community in 1999, with the vision of providing the needed training in handicrafts and stitching, etc. Since then, the Joy Centre has brought hope and joy to many depressed sisters who live very humble Iives.
Through this Centre, we provide needed training free of charge, and help the sisters to help themselves in raising some financial help to meet their family needs. Since its beginning, we have trained more than 50 women of our church and community, who are now living a happier life, as their lives are transformed spiritually and socially also. We also provide required counselling and encouragement to the sisters, in their troubles; and we encourage them to share their testimonies with each other while they stitch or weave, and to spend some time in prayer before or after their training. Due to this, the Lord has touched the hearts of some sisters who have experienced salvation, and are now living for the Lord. It fills us with joy to know that the sisters, who once lived very sad lives are now leading happy Iives; and those who have finished their training are earning their livelihood through the work they learnt at our Joy Centre. We are grateful to Mrs. Joy Stonier for her continuous support and interest in the running of the Joy Centre for the glory of God. And we should not forget the generosity of Sister Mabel in England who gave so sacrificially so that we could buy the needed sewing machines for our Centre. It is our prayer to the Lord to open another branch of our Joy Centre in the tribal areas, as we believe that through these Centres, Iives will be transformed. Please join with us in prayer, as we want to provide a sewing machines as our gift to every sister who successfully completes her training, thus to give them a source of Iivelihood to God’s glory. Please also pray for the monthly maintenance of the Joy Centre, which requires at least 8,000 rupees (£123) per month, to pay the teacher’s salary and stitching materials, etc.


During the Iast year, the Lord has allowed us to show the love of Christ through various social and humanitarian activities, like clothing distribution, free medical Camps, and health education Camps, by which the name of our Lord was glorified. Emergency relief during natural disasters was provided for some selected families, as the Lord gave us the means, together with the kind help of our International family members, and local brothers in our Preachers’ HeIp Ministry. We also co-ordinated and co-operated with the local government officials in providing some public services.
Especially, our services were appreciated both by the government non-non-government officials during the Konaseema Cyclone in the month of May 2000, and in the Pulse Polio Programmes, in which we played an important role through our Preachers Help ministries. Regarding the Gujurat earthquake relief, the Preachers’ HeIp ministers and staff worked dedicatedly to raise locally donations and relief material. When we made inquiries regarding some ‘missing’ persons and families, we sent messages to their relatives. We also donated the sum of 74,321 rupees (£1 143), which we collected from door-to-door visitation. This money was handed over to the Red Cross Organisation who did a great work in the Earthquake area. In fact, we wanted to travel to Gujurat, but, in order to save some money, we postponed our visit, and gave the total money directly to the Gujurat Relief workers.



We give glory to God alone who has allowed us to serve his people in various gospel meetings. In January 2000, with the help of our International Committee, we participated in the International Christian Conference held in Calcutta, in which we introduced news of our Preachers HeIp courses, as well as shared the Word to a great multitude of more than 50,000 evangelists. Then Min. Isaac Raj was invited as a delegate to the Theological Association of India, to represent our Ministry there, during the month of February. There in Hyderabad the Lord used Isaac in a wonderful way, while some anti-Christians tried to oppose the meetings. In God’s grace, PH was accepted by the Theological Committee as a member ministry, which is a great honour for our entire team. We also organised a United Prayer Day on May 7th in the Town Auditorium, where about 120 Churches from aIl over the region participated with a zeal to pray for the spiritual needs of nation of India. Preachers’ HeIp hosted the meeting, in association with the local Pastors’ Fellowship.


On August 15th, we celebrated the Independence Day of India at our Preachers’ HeIp National Building. The Tuni Town First Citizen, Mr. Ch. Talupula Rao, and the First Sessions Judge, Mr. G. Dayanidhi, and Bishop Aseervadam, were invited as Chief Guests for the flag-hoisting, in which all our church members, and the Preachers’ Help Committee Members also, participated. In September, we made a survey of aIl the local churches and the Christian population in general, thus to get a clearer idea about the need of the gospel in rural and urban areas. Besides this, we organised some evangelistic programmes, door-to-door evangelistic teams, Garden Prayer meetings, solemnised marriages, dedicated many new Churches, baptised new converts (exactly 1264 new believers) in various regions, ordained some new ministers, named children, distributed some helpful materials – all under the auspices of our Preachers’ Help ministries in India. Due to our dedicated services, our Ministry is appreciated by some local newspapers and magazines, and many people, even non-Christians, show goodwill to us because of our dedicated lives. Even some anti-Christians have been convinced about the real love of Christ, while many families have been reconciled, and lives built up and saved through our ministries.