It is always a delight to receive phone messages from Dr. Isaac Raj, our director in India. Here is a summary of some of the high spots concerning the Preachers’ Help work throughout India during 2017. It is most encouraging to receive his reports of the growing churches, whose pastors and preachers have been trained through our PH courses. Indeed, Isaac informs us that all the PH churches are growing and increasing, and are probably the fastest growing of all the churches in India. It was a brilliant idea of Isaac to put study groups into geographical areas, where out clients can meet together interdenominationally, study together, and pray together regularly. It reminds us of the classes that John Wesley formed so successfully back during the 18th Century Revival.

How wonderful was the occasion, when over 300 met together over a weekend in Tuni, and when almost ¾ of them were baptised – all of them from PH churches, and all had heard me preach over the years in Andhra Pradesh and elsewhere.

I know that Dr. Raj would be loathe to speak of the following items; but, as I said to him, this is a great honour also for the PH work. Earlier in the year, Isaac was contacted by the all-India Council of Churches, who wished to honour him with a certificate and ceremony for his work in India with our PH courses and Conferences. This took place amid great rejoicing. Then, later in the year, Isaac was contacted by post by the Indian government in Delhi, who told him that he was to be awarded, and recognised nationwide, for his PH work, which included humanitarian work after natural disasters. His fare was given him, and also hospitality. The award was to make him a pearl of India in the presence of the members of Parliament. This took place, and was really special, for very few are awarded annually by the government.

It is really wonderful to hear from Isaac that the PH churches (where the pastors have been trained by studying our PH courses) in India are going on so well, and multiplying to others places also. Each group of pastors and preachers, with local leaders who have completed all the courses, is doing well, and is proving to be a blessing to so many, even to young people attendees.

It is great to hear that Dr. Raj, despite some very great and stressful circumstances during the last 2 years, has been kept in good health, which, he says, is due to the constant prayers of those who know him, and for his ceaseless work for the Lord in caring for many pastors in India, all of whom are so eager to receive training, particularly as theological studies are prohibitive due to the cost. All our courses are free, as also is the marking and study supervision.

To God be the glory!

Geoffrey Stonier (Rev. Dr,)

(International Director, Preachers Help)

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