We thank God for how He has been using the Preachers’ Help ministry to bless Pastors and gospel ministers in Africa especially Nigeria. The ministry has contributed immensely to the edifications of rural pastors through her training and rural evangelism. Here is the report of Preacher’s Help ministry in Nigeria.

We have three new enrollments in 2017. One Pastor who lives in Benue State indicated interest in doing the course alongside two other Pastors. Consequently, we have a Preacher’s Help Center in Aliade Benue State. They started this January and do meet every Monday; currently, they are studying the Basic Course.

Currently, three (3) clients are in the last module, the study of Hebrews, seven (7) clients are on the fourth module, the study of Romans, and three (3) clients are on the third module, the Leadership Course. Five (5) clients have successfully completed their course and collected their certificates in Diploma in Biblical Preaching.

This January, we made a call to all the clients; almost all of them are in the Northern part of Nigeria. They were glad to hear from us and promise to continue in their studies. Some had relocated, and no post office within their vicinity. We are still planning on how best to get the materials across to them.

Moreover, two (2) clients sent their e- mail address, and this solved the problem of sending and receiving study materials. All of them do testify to the impact of the Preachers’ Help course in their lives and ministries.

Kindly pray along as we discuss with the clients the possibility of setting up Preachers’s Help Center in their locality. We hope that this would help in the spreading of the Preachers’ Help Course. We also trust the Lord to help and strengthen them in their studies and ministry.

In May 2017, we engaged in rural evangelistic outreach in Gbene- ue Ogoniland, Rivers State. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is gaining ground in the hearts of these villagers. Iand my team spent one extra week after the outreach to disciple some of the converts. The Preacher’s Help Basic Course was very useful to expose to them to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.

In August 2017, we returned to the same village with free medical service as a means to further minister the love and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. A total of six (6) doctors, five (5) pharmacists, two (2) nurses and thirty (30) counselors were involved. The doctors diagnose the ailments, the pharmacists and nurses administer the drugs, and the counselors witness the gospel and pray for the people one – on -one.
We shall return to the same village in April this year for abundant gospel sowing and discipling of the new believers. Kindly pray that the Lord would establish these new believers in the faith and equip them to saturate the village with the gospel of our Lord Christ and make other disciples.

God is opening doors of ministry for us in Bayelsa State, to organize evangelistic training in first weekend of March (2nd – 4th of March). Bayelsa State is a riverine area, so we have to travel by water in order to access the people. We trust God for a fruitful ministry and desire that there shall be Preachers’ Help Centre in Bayelsa State.

The Bible Institute is growing and at the moment we have twenty (20) students from different denominations at different levels of the training. This is an avenue to expose the participants to sound biblical teachings and equip them for Christian service.

The 2017 Bible Conference took place in July and we had over 110 participants. The theme of the conference was: The Supremacy and Sovereignty of Christ: An Exposition of the book of Colossians.
Kemi produced a Bible study guide for the conference titled: ‘Echoes of the Scripture’. The aim of the Bible Study Guide is to help individuals, small groups and churches have an in depth study on the epistle to the Colossians. The conference was an improvement of the previous ones.

This year we hope to focus on the epistle to the Philippians. We are grateful to God for His grace and strength to serve Him in 2017; and we are thankful to you all for your prayers, encouragement and financial support. We consider your act of love and encouragement as great service to the Lord, and have been a great support to us in the service of His kingdom.

May our good the Lord continue to strengthen, bless and uphold you in your love and commitment to Him and His kingdom.

In His Service,
Pastor Innocent Okonkwo
Preachers’ Help Director, Nigeria.

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