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“Preachers’ Help is a non-profit making organisation developed by a local Church. Our aim is to promote the full understanding and application of the truths of the gospel, by encouraging pastors and active preachers to pursue sound biblical correspondence courses, free of charge, in places where access to sound biblical teachings and writing is almost non-existent or unaffordable”.


Introduction to Preachers’ Help:

In answer to these many faithful prayers, the Lord inspired and raised His servant Rev Dr.Geoffrey Stonier, who has been a Pastor for over 40 years, to write suitable courses to help and equip gospel preachers. During the last five years, he has become a world-wide speaker, taking Pastors Conferences all over the globe, and acting as an ambassador for Jesus Christ. He thoroughly understands the importance and immediate need of equipping preachers with suitable tools, such as the Preachers’ Help Courses.

The work of Preachers, Help as an International Ministry is supported by the Free Evangelical Church in Hertfordshire, England, Preacher’s Help was founded and is directed by the Pastor of the Church, where Rev Dr.Stonier has been the Minister since it began in 1980.

The Church is committed time, the nurture of gospel preachers has been overlooked within conventional missionary activities, particularly in developing counties. Many pastors and gospel preachers have little hope of a formal theological education and few have more than a handful of books to help them in their preaching of all the glorious truths of the gospel. Yet they are highly respected by their communities, and have a profound influence on those to whom they minister the Word of God.

The ministry of Preachers’ Help is designed to overcome these educational problems, and to give encouragement to those who are already actively involved in preaching.

Preachers Help does not believe in dislocating pastors and preachers from their ministry by sending them away to college, but believes in helping them on the job. This distance learning approach is a support ministry for them, providing a service to all who are already actively engaged in regular preaching.

Preachers Help provides thoroughly biblical courses, free of charge, to all who are accepted as clients into our distance education cources.

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (MARK 16 v 15)

The Objectives of Preachers Help:

  • To encourage those who are already actively engaged in the work of gospel preaching.
  • To provide teaching material directly related to preaching.
  • To conduct the Training Seminars and Contact Classes for the preachers to train and equip themselves in the Scriptures.
  • To provide Preachers Correspondence Courses to study the Bible in depth; indeed, nothing but the Bible, through which God’s people can become what God intends they should be.
  • To meet this need, the Courses are prepared in a unique format, with question sheets:
    • (a) Based on transcripts of actual sermons.
    • (b) Require short answers and sermon points.
    • (c) Seek to make application to the local situation.

“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation to
everyone who believes… for in it the righteousness of God is revealed’ Romans:1:16.17

How Preachers’ Help Began and Grew.

Here is how the ministry of Preachers’ Help began.

Ten years ago, our pastor Rev Dr.Geoffrey Stonier asked one of the members of our Church who was sending out basic Bible correspondence courses if she though that all who had completed the course were truly committed Christians. As many of the students were from various religious backgrounds, she was doubtful about that

Then our pastor suggested that the Church should send a letter congratulating them on completing the course, accompanied by a cassette with two gospel sermons.

Ten years later, the Lord has given our Church a world-wide ministry, with a lively correspondence and a growing cassette ministry. With the help of other members of the Church, our pastor has attempted to counsel and advise pastors and preachers in developing countries whenever possible.

Correspondents are regularly prayed for, and the letters which we receive from all over the world, especially from the Far East Africa and Eastern Europe often bring tears to our eyes.

There are so many people out there with a great love for the Saviour and a burning desire for others to know Him too. But so may of the pastors and church elders and evangelists, who are all preachers, need help in developing their evangelism skills and teaching ministry.

Even the preacher Apollos “an eloquent man and might in the scriptures” needed to be “taken aside and have the way of God more accurately explained to him” (Acts 18:2428). The result was that “he greatly helped those who had believed”

Development and Vision:

The response to this ministry has been overwhelming. The number of clients continues to grow, and they are all very enthusiastic for more. At present, study material is available is English, French, Telugu and some African and Asian languages. Our vision for the future is to develop the material into other languages and appoint local assessors.

Please contact us for more information.

The Directors:

Rev. Dr Geoffrey and Mrs. Joy Stonier are chosen vessels of God to proclaim His wonderful truths to the mankind. After over
forty years of pastoral and ministerial experience, the Stoniers are now involved in an international ministry with Preachers Help, the vision for which came to Geoffrey over 10 years ago.

Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Stonier

Geoffrey was converted to Christ in 1949 during a missionary meeting. He was baptized in 1952. He first preached the gospel in public in 1954. He was ordained as a pastor in 1960 after four years of training at the London Bible College, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity degree from London University, and also with an Associate Diploma of the London Bible College. He has been the Pastor of five churches, and Moderator of several others that were without pastors. After 28 years, he retired from his present church in 2002 -the Free Evangelical Church, Weiwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Parallel with serving as Pastor, he first became a schoolteacher in Secondary Schools for 11 years, taking students up to ‘0’ and ‘A’ levels in Religious Education. In 1975, he went into the electronics Industry, becoming a Bench Technician, later an Electronics Engineer. He taught up to University level, having become a Member of two Engineering Councils. He retired in 1995 to devote himself to training pastors and preachers in Third World Countries. In 2002, a Doctorate of Divinity was conferred on him from an international University in India.

Dr. Geoffrey is a man of God, very skilled as an expository Biblical preacher and teacher. Thousands of lives are being changed, challenged and commissioned through his preaching and writing. Different people from all walks of life have been touched and transformed by his dynamic teachings. There are countless testimonies we are receiving every day from different parts of the world regarding great changes that have come about in their lives through the Preachers Help teaching material prepared by him. These courses are available in some Asian and African languages, and in French.

Dr. Geoffrey has extensively visited many parts of the world, training pastors and preachers in leadership seminars and conferences, and he has participated in a number of evangelistic meetings. He is widely travelled, lecturing in Central Asia, Africa and Asia.

Dr. Geoffrey has been successful in transforming the ideas of churches and missionary agencies, with a love for the pastors in Third World Countries who work so hard, but have so little by way of resources. Some churches are responding by showing interest when they hear Dr. Geoffrey, and are challenged to participate in this vital need of evangelizing with a biblically educated ministry.

Mrs. Joy Stonier

Joy became a Christian in 1957, and was baptized the following year. She married Geoffrey in 1960, both of them actively being involved in the same Church. She has had four children, 3 boys and a girl. The children are now all milled, having produced eight grandchildren (four boys and four girls). For some years, she was an Occupational Therapist with geriatric and mentally infirm patients in a local hospital almost up to her retirement. She has lived a very active life as a pastor’s wife. She marks some of the papers of our international clients.

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